Speaking to several clients recently, it has come to my notice that lots of people when faced with a disabling malware or virus infection reinstall Windows because they AV software or tips from websites don’t work. Worst still, they are sometimes paying computer engineers to do this.

Before you consider doing this please give MobileTechie a call. We can remove over 90% of virus, fake anti-virus, spyware, rootkits and other malware infections with no need to reinstall Windows or lose any data. We can do this onsite, remotely or back at the workshop and often it only takes a matter of minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot download or run antivirus applications or even if you cannot boot into Windows. With the right knowledge and tools the VAST majority of infections can be manually removed leaving your system as it was before it was infected.

If you have or think you have a malware infection call MobileTechie first and see what we can do for you….don’t waste time and money on needless Windows reinstallations.

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